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There is a common held perception that ‘Culture Shock’ refers to the confusion and anxiety related to exposure to a new or strange environment. Yet the real problems begin when you return. Three young men return from a wonderful place with gifts, only to find that there is a price to pay for such things. Each man struggles with their change, and ask themselves the question ‘was it real?’ 

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Helen and Beth

After years of searching, London based art dealer Mary, discovers her real father Robert is alive but unwell in Arizona, and sets of to meet him. Beth finds out about Mary’s plan and plans to stop her meeting Robert who has no idea his daughter is trying to find him. While this is going on, Robert is putting his life and vineyard in order before it’s too late. The women meet, but discover they are two pieces of the same puzzle, and when connected, unlock considerable potential and freedom for both. Furthermore, with Mary’s help, Beth is set to become a friend and advisor to the most powerful man in the world.


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My Daughter Emma

Helen had ‘sort of’ loved her daughter Emma, as she had ‘sort of’ loved her husband. However, through an unexpected request for help from student Emma, Helen begins to find the mother love for her daughter. This new love is short lived,  as Emma is knocked down by a drink-driver in a London Street, by Lesley, a pretty young American nurse.

A two-month jail term and extradition to the States for pretty Lesley, leaves Helen broken. Before the accident Emma had found her talent for photography, and had sold work in the States to media company owner De-Hem. It was during her preparations for an art show that Helen and Emma had found love and friendship.  In hospital Emma has to have her hands amputated, this, and the stress of the accident causes Helen to break down, along with her marriage.

During rehabilitation, Emma starts to recover, as does Helen, enough so, to allow her to form a relationship with Rick, a tall handsome biker, working at the hospital. The future looks bright until Emma unexpectedly dies. Incensed, Helen intends to trace and track down Lesley to her Arizona home. Help comes from Maureen who can ‘sort’ everything, but at a price. 

Helen tricks her way in to the desert house, only to find that the pretty Lesley of the trial has vanished. Helen discovers that Lesley is now 22 stone of unwashed addiction, with filthy matted hair, and confused, frightened and drunk. Recognising Helen, Lesley grabs the kitchen knife and slashes her own wrists.

Helen has a decision to make; let her live or die, she lets her live. Pretending to be her sister-in-law, Helen waits in Lesley’s hospital room for her to come round. When she does, they start to talk, both realising they have much in common due to the accident, as both women are broken, have lost their husbands, family, and are running away. Apart from the wine bottle, Helen discovers Lesley is utterly alone in the world, and reluctantly at first, helps her to pull through. The relationship develops, together with Helen liking Arizona and the people she begins to meet. She fly’s to Texas to meet De-Hem, Emma’s art agent, who informs Helen that Emma has acquired a cult following since her death. Despite his tough-talk she likes him, they work together planning projects for books and exhibitions of Emma’s work. But all is not well, as Helen ends her relationship with Rick as she is spending more and more time in the states. 

Lesley begins to heal and regain her life through Helen’s support, and one day while working in her desert garden, she begins to remember the night of the accident for the first time. Unable to cope she sees a counsellor and her story unfolds as she starts to recall what happened on the night of the accident.