A Dream

Words and music: Lou Reed & John Cale
It was a very cold clear fall night
I had a terrible dream
Billy Namebilly-name and Brigid andy-brigid2were playing under my stair case on the second floor about two o’clock in the morning
I woke up because Amos and Archie had started barking
That made me very angry because I wasn’t feeling well and I told them I was very cross the real me that they just better remember what happened to Sam the bad cat that was left at home and got sick and went pussy heaven
It was a very cold clear fall night
Some snowflakes311601_yellow_-taxi_-in-a-new-york_-snow_1638x1024_(www_GdeFon_ru) were falling
Gee, it was so beautiful
and so I went to get my camera to take some pictures
And then I was taking the pictures
but the exposure thing wasn’t right
and I was going to call FredFred_Hugues_1

or Gerrygerry 3
to find out how to get set it
I was too late
and then I remembered they were still probably at dinner
and anyway
I felt really bad and didn’t want to talk to anybody
but the snowflakes were so beautiful and real looking
and I really wanted to hold them
And that’s when I heard the voices
from down the hall near the stairs
So I got a flashlight
and I was scared and I went out into the hallway
There’s been all kinds of troubles
lately in the neighborhood
and someone’s got to bring home the bacon and anyway
there were Brigid and Billy playing
And under the stair case
was a little meadow sort of like the park at 23rd street296380-23rd-street-station-sign-new-york-city
where all the young kids go and play frisbee
Gee, that must be fun
maybe we should do an article on that in the magazinefrisbe
but they’ll just tell me I’m stupid and it won’t sell
but I’ll just hold my ground this time, I mean
it’s my magazine, isn’t it?
So I was thinking that as the snowflakes fell
and I heard those voices having so much fun
Gee, it would be so great to have some fun
So I called Billy
but either he didn’t hear me or he didn’t want to answer
which was so strange
even if I don’t like reunions I’ve always loved Billy
I’m so glad he’s working
I mean it’s different than Ondineondine
He keeps touring with those movies
and he doesn’t even pay us and the film
I mean the film’s just going to disintegrate and then what
I mean he’s so normal off of drugs
I just don’t get it
And then I saw John Calecale_drella_forever_changed
he’s been looking really great
He’s been coming by the office to exercise with me
Ronnie ronniesaid I have a muscle
but he’s been really mean since he went to AAaa
I mean what does it mean
when you give up drinking and then you’re still so mean
He says I’m being lazy but I’m not
I’m just can’t find any ideas
I mean I’m just not
let’s face it
going to get any ideas up at the office
And seeing John made me think of the VelvetsThe-Velvet-Underground-an-007
and I had been thinking about them
when I was on St. Marks Place
going to that new gallery those sweet new kids have opened
but the thought I was old
and then I saw the old DOMThe dom
the old club where we did our first shows
It was so great
And I don’t understand about that Velvet’s first albumVelvet_Underground_Banana_White_Shirt
I mean I did the cover
I was the producer
and I always see it repackaged
and I’ve never gotten a penny from it
How could that be
I should call Henryc-2680-henry-geldzahler
but it was good seeing John
I did a cover for him
but I did in black and white and he change it to color
It would have been worth more if he’d left it my way
but you can never tell any body anything I’ve leaned that
I tried calling again to Billy and John
they wouldn’t recognize me it was like I wasn’t there
Why won’t they let me in
And then I saw Lou
I’m so mad at him
Lou Reed got married lou's first wifeand didn’t invite me
I mean is it because he thought I’d bring too many people
I don’t get it
could have at least called
I mean he’s doing so great
Why doesn’t he call me?
I saw him at the MTVmtv show
and he was one row away and he didn’t even say hello
I don’t get it
You know I hate Lou
I really do
He won’t even hire us for his videos
And I was proud of him
I was so scared today
There was blood leaking thought my shirt
from those old scarsJ161865107 from being shotvalerie solanas
And the corset I wear to keep my insides in was hurting
And I did three sets of fifteen pushups
and four sets of ten setups
But then my insides hurt
and I saw drops of blood on my shirt and I remember
the doctors saying I was dead
And then later they had to take blood out of my hand
‘couse they ran out or veins
but then
all this thinking was making me an old grouch
and you can’t do anything anyway so
if they wouldn’t let me play with them in my own dream
I was just going to have to make another
and another
and another
Gee, wouldn’t it be funny if I died in this dream
before I could make another one up
And nobody called
And nobody came Continue reading

Forever Changed

Words and music: Lou Reed & John Cale
Train entering the city -train-elite-daily– I lost myself and never come back
Took a trip around the world and never came back
Black silhouettes, crisscrossed tracks never came back
Forever changed, forever changed
You might think I’m frivolous, uncaring and cold
You might think I’m frivolous – depends on your point of view
Society Andy who paintsandywarhol-1015x1024 and records them – the high and the low
I left my all life behind me and never went back
Forever changed, forever changed
Got to get to the city – get a job
Got to get some work to see me through
My old life’s disappearing from view
Hong KongHong-Kong-Reisen1 – and I was changed
Burma and IndiaBurma_thyland – and I was changed
Only art to see me through
Only heart to see me through
My old life disappearing from my view

Brigidbridget and Patpat – please see me through
The whole thing quickly receding
My life disappearing – disappearing from view
Forever changed, forever changed
I left my old lifeyoungwarhol behind and was forever changed
Forever changed

Hello It’s Me -illustrated

Hello It’s Me
Words and music: Lou Reed & John Cale
Andy it’s me, haven’t seen you in a while
I wished I talked to you more when you were alive
I thought you were self-assured when you acted shy
Hello it’s me
I really miss you, I really miss your mind
I haven’t heard ideas like that in such a long, long time
I loved to watch you draw andAndy_Warhol_Gerard_Malanga_silkscreening_a_flower_painting and watch you paintsilk 2
But when I saw you last I turned away
When Billy Name Billy_Name_body was sick and locked up in his roombilly_name_new_paltz

You asked me for some speed, I though it was for you
I’m sorry that I doubted your good heart
Things always seem to end before they start
Hello it’s me, that was a great gallery show
Your cow wallpaper Kotapet Andy  Warhol and your floating silver pillows4542_andy_warhol_silver_clouds_for_experiments_in_art_and_technology
I wish I paid more attention when they laughed at you
Hello it’s me
“Pop goes pop artist,” the headline saidnewspaper 2 newspaper
“Is shooting a put-on, is Warhol really dead?”
You get less time for stealing a car
I remember thinking as I heard my own record in a bar
They really hated you, now all that’s changed
But I have some resentments that can never be unmade
You hit me where it hurt I didn’t laugh
Yourdiares 1 DiariesĀ  are not a worthy epitaphgrave
Oh well now Andy – guess we’ve got to go
I hope some way somehow you like this little show
I know it’s late in coming but it’s the only way I know
Hello it’s me – goodnight Andy…
Goodbye, Andy