What do you long for?

Pina in Winter

After what seems ages, I went back and watched ‘The’ Pina DVD -again.Pina and world trade 062If like me you limit the times you watch it in the fear of never turning it off,
I thought I would just skim it for a while to take the edge off.  But Pina and world trade 023of course you get caught up in it and see new things -Pina in ‘extension’, Pina and world trade 045the music more beautiful than ever, the troupe even more cohesive than I remembered, so I thought I had better capture a bit on camera. Pina and world trade 057Of course the choreography, composition, and beautiful elegance, but is it the long dresses and formal attire of the troupe that give the whole thing a fresh feel to the dance and that translates so well to film?Pina and world trade 070

I wanted to catch the woman on a rope, the woman being buried alive, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and WINTER, ??????????the dancer having to be held up, the full troupe on the large stage, Pina looking brilliant, and ‘rain’. – next time I hope to put on ‘diving through the chair’. Pina and world trade 068I didn’t stop the DVD to
photograph I just let it run and see what happened, so if they look a bit blurry –that’s why.Pina and world trade 036Why did Wenders make such a brilliant film, and then go and record his interview in what sounds like a swimming pool changing room?
Pina and world trade 062